Next up on the big screen- Full Metal Panic

Continuing with the classic hollywood theme of not being original in any way, shape, or form, the great manga/anime series Full Metal Panic is now being

You can't seriously be considering Zac Efron...

You can't seriously be considering Zac Efron...

picked up for a live-action theatrical release by Mandalay. For those not in the know, FMP is a action/comedy about young military nut who is stationed protecting a high school girl (of course meaning that he has to go through the motions of a “normal” life in high school, hence the comedy aspect). It’s not one of my all-time greatest titles but it’s definitely up there on the list and definitively taught me the Japanese word for “ouch” (itai!). Hence my immediate dread when I read something like “Zac Efron has shown his interest in this movie”. Zac Efron? Really? I just threw up in my mouth a little. Why oh why do they insist on ruining the things I love so dearly?


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    LG said,

    What drives me nuts (or one of the things that drives me nuts, anyway, since I have many of the same complaints about this sort of thing as you do) is this whole “live action” thing. Do all of these really need to be turned into live action films? Is it so bad for something to be animated? Do they not realize that, even if something is popular when animated, it might not be so popular in live action form? Argh. And when all these movies bomb, they’ll say it’s because the source material isn’t good enough or popular enough or whatever – “America’s just not ready for something based on anime/manga.” Again, argh.

    Zac Efron as Sousuke hurts me less than the thought of Keanu as Spike, but then maybe that’s because I love Cowboy Bebop more…

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    moffattbooks said,

    I’m a fan of FMP, have the mangas and the all the animes. Zac the brat as Sousuke, no way, that’s just to target all the girls and dumb down the movie from the start. Who are they going to get to play Tessa? I shudder at the thoughts

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      That’s so true! That’s two for two on uncastable female characters (Ed in Cowboy Bebop being first). There is just no appropriate actress who could take her one. Chidori is a bit easier. Also, I wonder how much of the mecha they’re going include, or if they’re going to go Fumoffu style and just make it a wacky romantic comedy.

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    […] if it’s not painfully obvious by now with my running dialogue about terrible miscasting of anime characters, I have a special distaste in the deepest cockles of my heart for […]

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