RIP- Anime Insider


This is going to be the second big loss that my YA periodical collection has suffered this year. First EGM ceases publication (leaving me with a big hole to hopefully fill assuming we get refunded for the year- not a lot of neutral ground gaming mags) and now my ever-popular, always in circulation Anime Insider. In fact, Wizard has already unceremoniously pulled it from their website- so much for the listing on my guide to anime clubs. It’s not that it was entirely unexpected given the cuts that Wizard has been making recently. It’s just that they kind of owned the anime news mag market since the demise of Newtype. Yes, I get Shonen Jump, but that does not come close to filling the slot that Anime Insider served. Plus they had some of the greatest pictures to use for decoration by my manga rack once they were ready for discard! Grrrr. I hate seeing such a high use periodical go down in flames, but I guess the people just aren’t buying. I sincerely hope we get a refund for the balance of the year, but even if we do I don’t see many good replacements. 😦


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    […] Wizard has shuttered Anime Insider, and The Otaku Librarian, for one, will miss it. […]

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    BC Silvia said,

    Ack, this is awful news. I still haven’t gotten over the losses of Animerica, NewType, and EGM.

    I hope Otaku USA is doing alright; after they stopped including DVD w/ their mags, I’ve gotten a little worried.

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    madameotaku said,

    Augh. Well, this sucks, majorly! Anime Insider was my second favorite manga magazine – my first being Otaku USA, which my library doesn’t get – and I can’t believe it’s shut down.

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    LG said,

    Aww, and Anime Insider was actually pretty affordable too (at least, it was the last time I checked out the pricing – I don’t know about more recent prices). I don’t generally have personal subscriptions to any magazines, but I’ve occasionally bought individual copies of things like Shonen Jump, Shojo Beat, and Anime Insider. The last copy of Anime Insider I bought got me through a few nasty hours at an airport.

    It’s looking like the best sources of anime/manga news are all online now… I’ve never seen or read Otaku USA – is this the only print source of anime news left then?

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      From what I’ve seen, it’s the last wide circ US mag that focuses on the news and anime instead of just manga. And even Otaku USA is an independent publishing mag (but pretty widely available in my experience- just don’t know that my collections dept will have an easy go of it).

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