Thoughts on ALA MidWinter

I’ve been spending the last couple of days perusing the blogs regarding the ALA MidWinter conference in Denver. I was unfortunately unable to attend (read: not important or rich enough) so this is the only way I am able to keep up with everything that’s going on. YALSA did a great job of covering it this year- I love that people are getting more into liveblogging because there are so many of us who are unable to attend these national conferences.

As usual, there is very little love for my otaku tastes (but lets be honest, there’s almost no awards that even include these mediums). I was happy with the selection of Uehashi’s Moribito for the Batchelder award over the honor books. Moribito is a great novel series, and I feel like the recognition will lead to a greater push of the variety of spin-off mediums including the anime and manga (maybe CN will start running the anime again after dropping it so suddenly). But as usual, my library system has slmost no copies. In fact, my fellow librarians left out the Batchelder award altogether when giving ALA news. *sigh* I’m still psyched that it won out over Tiger Moon.


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    Emily said,

    i didn’t get to go to midwinter either, sigh.

    i wanted to ask – have you heard about the casting of avatar? how all white actors are scheduled to play asian characters in a story that features various asian cultures? ( ) what are your feelings on that?

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