More EduManga- The Manga Guide to Databases

Manga Guide to DatabasesAs I’ve said previously, I love the idea that EduManga is working with. Manga stats would have been the highlight of my senior year of high school. Well, No Starch press is coming back at us again, this time with The Manga Guide to Databses. Now we’re entering the realm of college help (unless they’re teaching SQL to high schoolers now, in which case I feel really old).  Geared at non specialists, this book could be a huge help for those students knocking out the first year prereqs (I had to take a C++ course even though I was a history major!). I don’t think that this will have as broad of an appeal as the math help volume would, but it’s definitely got its own niche market. The sample pages seem interesting enough- I never really imagined databases being visualized, but it seems effective. An interesting concept, and definitely worth taking a chance on.


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    LG said,

    Looks fun, although I wonder how much depth they go into and how useful they actually are. I kind of wish they had something for biology-related topics, so that I could try getting one of the Biology faculty members at my institution interested in them. 🙂

    When I took a class on Japanese culture a few years back, the professor brought in some examples of educational manga – one was about economics. I loved the idea and thought it would be a great way to make learning about some topics less painful and more memorable. Certain topics can seem so dry to some that the information is forgotten as soon as the course is over (or maybe even earlier…).

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