Manga math help? Where have you been all my life?

I’ve known about the manga Shakepeare series for some time now (and fully advocate it’s inclusion in library collections- after all, the plays were intended to be viewed when they were written!) but I was entirely unaware of anything like The Manga Guide to Statistics and need to acquire this book for my collection ASAP. Apparently, it alternates between manga format with a shoujo backdrop story and actual exercises. Better yet, it’s going to be a series, continuing with databases, calc, physics, and biology.

I love, love, love this idea! EduManga is a great concept, and I think it might have helped me with math when I was in high school. Obviously it doesn’t mask the fact that it’s educational, but maybe it would have helped me relate the concepts to parts of the story and have better recall when it came to test time. Much like Mr. Sherman over at Blog Critics, I’m sure that 90% (or maybe more!) of the information would leave my brain as soon as the course ended, but if it got me through the course I’d be in heaven!


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    […] under News, Reviews As I’ve said previously, I love the idea that EduManga is working with. Manga stats wouldhave been the highlight of my senior year of high school. Well, No Starch press is coming back […]

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